Gender Roles


I never really payed this term any mind before…Until I seen that post somebody made about wanting to be able to take Bubble baths without being called Sus (suspect)… and it really opened my mind, because I realized, Im hit with Gender roles all the time and it really does piss me off..

heres some example, That I’ve been hit with, By Women at that.

"I cant be with a guy that takes more pictures than me, its kinda suspect"

"Men shouldnt take mirror selfies, thats suspect"

"Men shouldnt shave their pubes, thats suspect."

"A Man shouldnt have more shoes than me"

"I cant be with a man that dresses too nice, thats suspect"

like shit, before you know it, men shouldnt get haircuts or shower cause then he’ll be too clean, and thats suspect..

So yea, I totally see where yall coming from when yall get to speaking on Gender Roles..